Videoing mashes the musical tweaks, spastic drums / synth, sonic oddities and dirty boot guitar of Adreon Henry and Brendan Reilly (ex-Single Frame (Ashtray)). Free flow electrodance takes on punk / math / psych backed with fuzz and thump surgical sampling and fronted by the Polly Jean vocal stylings of multi-media artist, Jen Bradley.

Henry and Reilly released 4 very kindly acclaimed albums as Single Frame (Ashtray (sometimes)) in the ’00s. Following Single Frame, Henry founded spin / mashup masters Car Stereo Wars and teamed with Bradley to conceptualize CUSTODIAN. Part punk-rap mash up band, part social experiment, the duo prepped patrons with aggressive pre-show mopping and followed with blue collar rap, break beat drum layers, and duct tape wrapped celery throwing.

In 2010, Videoing rebooted collaborations, virtually, from respective kitchens and closets to develop various jingles, commercial scores, and webisode themes. Videoing, no longer virtual, released Reader LP in 2012 to more very kind reviews.

More info on a clown carload of Videoing-related, award winning visual and multimedia art projects, events, and crazy shit you can buy can be found at

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