Mohawk Oct 16th





Thursday Oct 16th
@ 9:00PM
Austin, TX



$6 21+/$8 Minors

Kingdom of Suicide Lovers 12:15
Bantam Foxes 11:30
videoing 10:45
Bells and Parks 10

tickets at the door
doors 9





Friday June 20th
@ 9:00PM
Austin, TX

Mohawk (Inside)

912 Red River St Austin TX 78701

$6 Cover (All Ages)
Peace & Quiet
Kinky Machine


Nd show flyer with My education

Thursday May 1st
@ 9:00PM
Austin, TX

The North Door

502 Brushy St., Austin, TX 78702

The Loyalty Firm Presents:

12:00AM   videoing
11:00PM   My Education
10:00PM   Startographers


Macaroni Island Denton Show

Saturday May 24th
@ 9:00PM
Denton, TX

Macaroni Island

2311 Houston Place, denton, TX 76201

Free / All Ages / Donate to the touring band.
No jerks! No underage drinking.
Respect the house and the neighbors.
Walk/bike/carpool if possible.
Nervous Curtains


Check out this great show with live performances and interviews with various visiting musicians at



videoing reader lp logo

Reader LP, the debut release of Austin’s Videoing, is the first album in 7 years from Adreon Henry and Brendan Reilly, co-founders of the critically acclaimed art / electro / post-punk trio Single Frame (reviews). Videoing also features the spacey synth and soaring vox of cohort multi-media artist, Jen Bradley, the other half of Henry’s rap/ punk/performance art/social experiment troop, CUSTODIAN. 

Recorded at the Ruins, Videoing’s collective studio, Reader LP mixes hi-tech intentions with lo-fi cogs, gears and whistles, offering up a sound meant to be unique but familiar, gritty but smooth, driving but calm while tapping into the realities of sound and the spirit of experimentation.

Listen Here: 


Acclaim for Reader LP:

“…a musical triangulation of Blondie’s pop sensibilities, Nine Inch Nails’ dystopian atmospherics and No Waves’ “fuck all” histrionics.” – My Old Kentucky Blog 

“This is excellent. Totally, hands-round-throat, Monet excellent.” – Collapse Board 

“..genuinely authentic and completely unique. Reader LP is one of the most chaotic, bleak, and aggressive listening experiences I’ve ever had. There’s a certain sense of mystery here that elevates the intrigue aspect and punctuates the sense that this is something completely new. – Pop Matters 

“…surgical, synth-based pop that invokes the darkness and dance sensibilities of New Order or Depeche Mode.” – Pop Press International 

“…one of the best released this month … impressive songwriting and recording skills.” – Indie Rock Café 

“MP3 sites should be turning inside out on themselves with excitement over the mp3s that have been kicking around from the new, subtly wicked tracks of Videoing.” – Party Ends 

“…one entertaining listen. The textures that build within the Reader LP is what makes the record stand out. “ – The Fire Note 

Reader LP is one of the most unique things I have ever heard. Trying to describe this record is nearly impossible. There are elements of indie rock and noise pop mixed with post punk and sounds from what sounds like random pieces of metal and glass. – Oklahoma Lefty 

“a bit like Chrome-lite early on, with some cool, spacey, ethereal vocals… Some of it also sounds like early Ultravox (circa Ha Ha Ha).” – Impose Magazine 

“…fans of Glass Candy, Sunset Rubdown and the Cure would probably dig this band.” – Loudlocker 

“At its best, Videoing swims in a sea with White Noise Sound, Delta 5, Gumball, Sonic Youth, and Robert Smith (if not, necessarily, the Cure). It’s at its best a lot.” – Punk Globe 

“… sounds like Elastica playing at a mixer in a haunted house … surprisingly seductive while still keeping you on the edge of your seat. – Striker Bill 


Reader Cover